Teddy's Fur U opened its doors in 1978.

Teddy Bear Artist Susan McLoughlin has been making these handcrafted gems for more than 35 years. After spending 20+ years in New York's Fur Industry, Susan wanted to find a way to reuse these fur coats that were wasting away in many closets, in storage units or hanging in musty basements not being worn. The idea of teddy bears came to light and the business was formed. 
In its early days Teddy's Fur U saw lots of business with grandmothers who wanted to pass their coats on to multiple grandchildren. One coat made enough for every child to have a piece of keepsake from that grandmother.
Today many people are finding coats lying around and have no use for them anymore. These coats, jackets, stoles and various pieces of fur are great candidates for teddy bears. To date she has made 200,000 teddy bears in sizes from 6" to 36".  This artist has passed many memories to families across this great country.
Every time you give someone a teddy bear, you give them a friend. Each bear has its own personality and once sewn, it shows. Teddy's Fur U is dedicated to recycling these furs rather than see them go to the wayside. As always From OUR FURS or YOURS!